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The I Ching for “dummies” or the nature of changes book

About is / The I Ching for “dummies” or the nature of changes book
2015-01-27 12:07

The I Ching for “dummies” or the nature of changes book, written by A. Kruchinin, the author and developer of the “SEFOR” programme, is published in “Drugoe Reshenie” Publishing House. It is the trademark of Omni Scriptum GmbH & Co. KG, Heinrich-Bocking-Str. 6-8, D-66121 Saarbrucken. You can buy the book on the Publishing House website: https://www.drugoe-reshenie.ru/ or the online shops on https://www.drugoe-reshenie.ru/site/Партнеры/23 ISBN: 978-3-639-81437-8


In this small book the unusual phenomenon of our world are explained, the real world structure is shown. There you see what is hidden behind a veil of beliefs and superstitions. The book is about the secret meaning of Oriental Medicine. It’s about supernatural. A little about modern physics and history. Also about returning of ancient knowledge and about new fantastic technologies. There you find the amazing Mathematics explanation, that is the basis of the Book of Changes (I Ching) and the “36 stratagems” tractate. That is also the basis of computer programme, that gives advices and helps us to make the right decisions in difficult situations. This is a story about the mysterious and wonderful, knowledge revealed to us. If you take it’s description consistently and accurately, using the physics and mathematics formulas, you’ll get multivolume scientific work, incomprehensible to most readers. That’s why the most complicated questions are described in a simple and easy way. So, that could be clear even to a housewife, as Rutherford once said. The whole book is an attempt to tell how our world looks, and not from the inside, but from outside, from unrevealed. And about new fantastic opportunities that such vision of the world gives us.


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