СЭФОР (Система эффективного формирования и оптимизации решений) создана на основе логики Теории перемен

Characteristics of the programme

About is / Characteristics of the programme
2010-04-18 09:12

Life is unpredictable with its ups and downs. As a popular saying goes: Our life is like a zebra with its stripes – either black or white. No matter what kind of a person you are, you always have many problems. You can hardly find anyone without difficulties. Faced with them you just don’t know what to do first and how to handle all these problems. Let us be honest, as a rule we cannot find the right solution quickly.

You start doing something hoping for the best but as usual everything comes out worse. Then you begin analyzing the situation: how to cope with all your difficulties. If you fail to think of something yourself, you ask for somebody’s advice. If a person doesn’t know who to ask for help, he may even turn to fortune telling, honestly believing that supernatural forces can help better.

How to make this job easier? Nowadays people have calculators to solve simple tasks, they have programmes which can easily win in a chess match. We have created a unique computer programme which is able to solve not chess problems but real life situations so important for us and our whole well-being.

            If you are confronted with a problem, for example, not knowing what to do, you just enter its description into the programme and here come a few ways of solving it. All you need is just to choose the way you like most. The programme will not only give you advice what to do but also what not to do in this or that situation, what to be afraid of and what not, to rush with the decision-making or not and so on. The programme will provide you with a complete step-by-step plan of actions.

            This programme is called “SEFOR” (System of effective formation and optimization of solutions). It has been based on the Theory of Changes.

            If you rely on logic, you will find definite mathematical principles of the events happening, the analysis of how the situation can possibly develop and ways of making proper decisions.

            If you trust your emotions and feelings more, relying on your intuition in problem-solving, this programme provides you with an opportunity to analyze your emotional state. Your personal feelings will be included into the description of the situation as well as in the recommendations how to solve it.

            In fact, this programme is an electronic advisor which gives you possible ways of solving the situation you’ve faced with. You just have to choose the way you like and then step by step you should follow the recommendations.

            But don’t forget that this programme gives you just advice, but the choice of possible situations and persistence depend on you. Your actions will cause some changes in the situation and thus you may face the necessity to ask for help again due to some new circumstances.

            At present we have created and are experimenting with our basic version of the programme. We have developed a simplified version of the programme to solve simple problems in life. Now we are working on a new version of this programme which analyzes possible conditions of a person’s body and possible changes from one condition to another. The current analysis is being conducted on the data gathered with the help of the ROFES acupuncture diagnostics. We have also started working on a modification of the programme aimed at solving problems at the level of enterprise management.

         Characteristics of the programme

            This computer programme is based on the restored logic of the Theory of Changes. This logic is partially described in a Chinese classical book called “The Book of Changes” (I Ching).

            The theory is so global, comprehensive and brilliant in its simplicity, that it is naive to describe it as an ancient primitive proto-logic. The efforts of all the civilization during many centuries have failed to produce such a theory.

            It is not a speculative teaching that enables to describe these or those processes, it’s the basic logic how our universe has been functioning and all the processes are logic-dependent. Wish it or not, any cyclic process in three-dimension space is based on these principles.

            Unfortunately today we have a more primitive interpretation of this ancient theory. We also can see the degradation of this teaching since it’s used in fortune-telling; we can also find some precise application of the knowledge of this theory in eastern medicine, u-shoo, and so on.

            The correctly restored logic of the Theory of Changes gives the following opportunities at a higher quality level:

  1. Hexograms are completed not on the basis of fortune-telling but on the answers given to a number of clarifying questions while defining the situation. Or else they are based on the measurements of acupuncture diagnostics of the condition of the body.
  2. The images (“Windows”) used in the programme are pictures which reflect the emotional side of the analyzed situation.
  3. Comments to hexograms have been reviewed and amended by the author of this programme to include precise mathematical logic of cyclic interaction between both “opposite” and “reflecting” hexograms and the corresponding lines of these hexograms.
  4. There is a rigid classification of quality characteristics of hexograms, their interconnection, change from one to another depending on changes in quality parameters.
  5. Changing from one situation to another we define a hexogram of the shift, which characterizes the actions necessary for such a shift as well as the time required.
  6. We have determined “8 traps” – algorithms when a person’s body or bodies of a whole group of people develop certain addictions (physiological or psychological).
  7. The sequence of hexograms is based on precise mathematical calculations and is represented in the form of a volumetric matrix, which enables to monitor possible changes of the situation and make the optimal decisions.
  8. The volumetric matrix demonstrates close interconnection between certain hexograms and definite time. Thus, there is an opportunity to calculate actions in advance and their outcome in relation to time.
  9. We have determined the logic of time circulation in the volumetric matrix, thus we can create “the clock of destiny”.


According to the Theory of Changes, every object has its own individual time of some internal processes in relation to the time of outer space cycles.

The notion of time in material and non-material world has different meanings, as there is no any cycle in non-material world. A cycle is a typical feature of the material world, which exists due to the cyclic character of changes.

According to this theory time has not only quantitative characteristics but also definite qualitative ones.

All this gives us an opportunity to analyze the quantitative and qualitative parameters of any processes: from functioning of mechanisms to processes in the life of a person, the society and global space processes.                 


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